The Center Stage Podcast

Rebecca Lovell (Larkin Poe)

On this episode Rebecca and I talk blues, roots, and the art of eavesdropping (for the sake of research).  MUSIC on this episode:  Elvis Costello, Chuck Berry, Jeff Buckley, and more! 

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Show Hosts

Tee - Host

Tee, former lead singer of Afraid of Figs and Real Live Girl, has always been a fan of lyrics and stories. He created Center Stage Show to give vocalists a forum to discuss their words and their influences.

Producer Darrell

Darrell Fortune, is the owner/operator/originator of NWCZ Radio in Tacoma, Washington. Raised in Texas, he patiently waits for the Houston Oilers to win the Super Bowl.

Lambeau - Rock & Roll Pitbull

A fan of sleeping, eating, and terrorizing squirrels, Lambeau loves to hang out with singer/songwriters of all breeds

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