Rebecca Lovell (Larkin Poe)

On this episode Rebecca and I talk blues, roots, and the art of eavesdropping (for the sake of research).  MUSIC on this episode:  Elvis Costello, Chuck Berry, Jeff Buckley, and more! 

Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo)

On this episode Kay and I talk about musical crushes, word nerds, and lyrical subterfuge.  MUSIC on this episode:  R.E.M., Simon & Garfunkel, The Sugarcubes, and more! 

Jill Sobule

On this episode Jill and I talk about lyrics, politics, and sex, sex, sex.  MUSIC on this episode:  Warren Zevon, Jane Sieberry, Randy Newman, and more! 

Willie Nile

On this episode Willie and I talk about meeting your heroes, being ok with having FUN in music, plus rock & roll in outer space.  MUSIC on this episode:  U2, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, and more! 

Ron Sexsmith

On this episode Ron and I discuss honesty, humor, and originality in lyrics, plus Bill Withers as the Almighty.   MUSIC on this episode:  Roger Miller, Harry Nilsson, Neil Diamond, and more! 

Chris Barron (Spin Doctors)

On this episode Chris and I discuss funny cigarettes, and lyrics written with love, with hope, and with revenge.  MUSIC on this episode:  The Police, Charlie Daniels Band, Johnny Cash, and more!

Justin Furstenfeld (Blue October)

On this episode Justin and I discuss performing with emotion, writing with honesty, and singing like an Englishman.  MUSIC on this episode:  Peter Gabriel, The Cure, The Smiths, and more!

Steven Page (formerly Barenaked Ladies)

On this episode Steve and I discuss songwriting, celebrity, and Birchmount Stadium (home of the Robbie).  MUSIC on this episode:  Tom Waits, Randy Newman, The Divine Comedy, and more!

Nina Gordon (Veruca Salt)

On this episode Nina and I discuss the Pre-Twitter Era, the bright side of regret, and snarl-tooth beasts.  MUSIC on this episode:  Bjork, Aimee Mann, George Harrison, and more!

Art Alexakis (Everclear)

On this episode Art and I discuss the meaning of home, living with ghosts, and the obsession with goats.  MUSIC on this episode:  Bruce Springsteen, X, John Prine, and more!

Jim Peterik (Ides of March, 38 Special, formerly of Survivor)

On this episode Jim and I discuss sax, love, and the creative powers of nachos.  MUSIC on this episode:  Temptations, Beach Boys, Ed Sheeran, and more!

Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger)

On this episode Sean and I discuss rebellion, time wasting techniques, and laying down the perfect bunt. MUSIC on this episode: Public Enemy, Smokey Robinson, Elvis Costello, and more!

Chantal Kreviazuk

On this episode Chantal and I discuss the joys of music, marriage, blind dates, and Monty Hall.  MUSIC on this episode:  Stevie Nicks, Supertramp, Tom Petty and more!

John Doe (“X”)

On this episode John and I talk deranged fans, his love for peas, and the limits on yelling and jumping around.  MUSIC on this episode:  Bo Diddly, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and more!

Ritzy Bryan (Joy Formidable)

On this episode Ritzy and I talk inspiration, heartbreak, and finding beauty in all this damned sadness.  MUSIC on this episode:  Bjork, The Pretenders, Eels, and more!

Nic Cester (Jet)

On this episode Nic and I debate diction, ponder spitting out lyrics, and discuss dogs who think they’re The Beatles.  MUSIC on this episode:  Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, The Rolling Stones, and more!

Peter Holsapple (The dB’s)

On this episode, Peter and I talk about writer’s block, donkey abuse, and the Pythagorean theorem.  MUSIC on this episode: The Kinks, Peter Blegvad, Richard Thompson, and more!

Chris Ballew (Presidents of the USA, Caspar Babypants)

On this episode, Chris and I talk about rock-god-dorks, toddler punks, and Francis Scott Key.  MUSIC by: Talking Heads, The Stooges, The Buzzcocks & more!

Orry Benavides (Placeholder Confidential)

On this episode, I discuss “the arts” (songwriting, book writing, and strip-clubs) with songwriter, book-writer, and stripper, Orry Benavides.  MUSIC on this episode:  Sonic Youth, New Order, The Replacements, and more!

Ken Stringfellow (The Posies)

On this episode, Ken and I discuss songwriting, hero worship, hypnotism, and, well….rigor mortis.  MUSIC on this episode: David Bowie, Squeeze, Husker Du, and more!

Steve Kilbey (The Church)

On this episode, Steve and I talk about the infinite cosmos, bimbo come-uppance, and the high art of songwriting.  MUSIC on this episode: Genesis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and more!

John Van Deusen (Lonely Forest)

On this episode, John and I talk prostitution, masturbation, oh…and the majestic power of songwriting.  MUSIC on this episode: The Proclaimers, Fleet Foxes, XTC, and more!

Elijah Dhavvan (Tobias The Owl)

On this episode, Elijah and I debate quantum mechanics, parallel realities, and robot prostitution.  MUSIC on this episode: Gary Numan, Darlingside, Neutral Milk Hotel, and more!

Glen Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket)

On this episode, Glen and I discuss love, life changes, and poached trout in a white wine sauce  MUSIC on this episode: Leonard Cohen, The Replacements, Shearwater, and more!

Alan Parsons (Alan Parsons Project)

On this episode, we talk to the legendary producer/songwriter about submarines, sneaking into casinos, and of course, robots.  MUSIC on this episode: Genesis, The Who, Pink Floyd, and more!

Lisa Brammer (Dakota)

On this episode, from the Netherlands, Lisa gives us good relationship advice, and confirms that Eddie Vedder is unclear in all languages.  MUSIC on this episode: Joy Division, Sufjan Stevens, Coldplay, and more!

James LaBrie (Dream Theater)

On this episode Canadian Rock God, James and I talk rock & roll, personal growth, and Lord of the Rings.  MUSIC on this episode:  Peter Gabriel, Rush, Led Zeppelin, and more!

David Faulkner (Hoodoo Gurus)

On this episode David and I talk Mary Poppins, grunge roots, and answering the door in one’s underwear.  MUSIC on this episode:  Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, The Ramones, and more!

Jack Tempchin (The Eagles, Glenn Frey)

On this episode, we talk peacefully and easily, to Jack Tempchin about car repair, Rock AND Blues, Thelma AND Louise.  MUSIC on this episode:  The Rolling Stones, Robert Johnson, Jimmy Cliff, and more!

Julia Massey (Warren Dunes feat. J.M.)

On this episode, we talk to Julia Massey about robot songwriters, and seeking parental advice from astronauts.  MUSIC on this episode:  Michael Jackson, Elton John, Talib Kweli, and more!

Tim Fletcher (The Stills, Megative)

On this episode, we talk to Tim Fletcher (The Stills, Megative, Voizes) about vomiting like an American, and the infinite river of creation.  MUSIC on this episode:  Radiohead, Tears for Fears, Megadeth, and more!

Roger McGuinn (The Byrds)

On this episode, we are honored to be joined by American vocal icon and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Roger McGuinn (The Byrds).  MUSIC on this episode:  Elvis Presley, George Harrison, Roger (with Tom Petty), and more!

Bradford Loomis

On this episode, we talk politics, family, pain, sorrow, spirituality (you know….light stuff) with soulful Americana vocalist, Bradford Loomis.  MUSIC on this episode: Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, EmmyLou Harris and more!

Sam Forrest (Nine Black Alps)

On this episode, we ponder slop-rock, and dressing up like Batman, with dynamic and “vaguely profound” Nine Black Alps front-man, Sam Forrest.  MUSIC on this episode:  Pixies, Hole, Pedro the Lion, and more!

Chris Collingwood (Fountains of Wayne)

On this episode, we discuss monkeys on backs, ‘Merica!, and the lyrical artistry of Chris Collingwood (Fountains of Wayne, Look Park).  MUSIC on this episode:  Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Shawn Colvin, and more!

John S. Hall (King Missile)

On this episode, John S. Hall (King Missile, Unusual Squirrel) and I discuss poisoned pigeons, loose appendages, sodomy, and other everyday topics.  MUSIC on this show:  Tom Lehrer, Johnny Cash, Sex Pistols, and more!

Patrick Galactic

On this episode, we talk God, politics, and S&M with lyrical spaceman, Patrick Galactic.  MUSIC on this episode: Randy Newman, Curtis Mayfield, The Doors, and more!

Stan Ridgway (Wall of Voodoo)

On this episode, Stan Ridgway and I talk metaphysics, rock origins, and our mutual “love” of technology.  MUSIC on this episode:  Marty Robbins, Big Mama Thornton, The Beach Boys, and more!

Kye Alfred Hillig

On this episode, I talk addiction, abandonment, abuse (avoid talk about seagulls) with Kye Alfred Hillig, author of more songs than you’ve had meals. MUSIC on this episode: Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne, Elliot Smith & more!

Stacey Meyer (Furniture Girls)

On this episode we talk Stacey’s “almost-marriage” to Sid Vicious, and being charming as f**k.  MUSIC on this episode:  Faith No More, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, and more!

Parker Gispert (The Whigs)

On this episode I talk to Parker Gispert (“Late Show/Letterman”, “Tonight Show/Leno”) about overflowing toilets & disappointed parents.  MUSIC on this episode: Beck, Pavement, Joni Mitchell, Captain Beefheart, and more!

Jules Shear (MTV Unplugged)

On this episode I insist Jules Shear (songwriter & co-creator of MTV Unplugged), was married to Susanna Hoffs (he wasn’t).  MUSIC on this episode:  Squeeze, Elvis, The Walker Brothers, Muddy Waters and more.

Rob Wynia (Floater)

On this episode, I talk “word painting” with Robert Wynia of dynamic rock band “Floater”, recently inductee to the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.  MUSIC on this episode:  Depeche Mode, Nick Drake, The Fixx, and more!