Podcast episodes – songwriter interviews and fun stuff!

John S. Hall (King Missile)

On this episode, John S. Hall (King Missile, Unusual Squirrel) and I discuss poisoned pigeons, loose appendages, sodomy, and other everyday topics.  MUSIC on this show:  Tom Lehrer, Johnny Cash, Sex Pistols, and more!

Patrick Galactic

On this episode, we talk God, politics, and S&M with lyrical spaceman, Patrick Galactic.  MUSIC on this episode: Randy Newman, Curtis Mayfield, The Doors, and more!

Stan Ridgway (Wall of Voodoo)

On this episode, Stan Ridgway and I talk metaphysics, rock origins, and our mutual “love” of technology.  MUSIC on this episode:  Marty Robbins, Big Mama Thornton, The Beach Boys, and more!

Kye Alfred Hillig

On this episode, I talk addiction, abandonment, abuse (avoid talk about seagulls) with Kye Alfred Hillig, author of more songs than you’ve had meals. MUSIC on this episode: Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne, Elliot Smith & more!

Stacey Meyer (Furniture Girls)

On this episode we talk Stacey’s “almost-marriage” to Sid Vicious, and being charming as f**k.  MUSIC on this episode:  Faith No More, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, and more!

Parker Gispert (The Whigs)

On this episode I talk to Parker Gispert (“Late Show/Letterman”, “Tonight Show/Leno”) about overflowing toilets & disappointed parents.  MUSIC on this episode: Beck, Pavement, Joni Mitchell, Captain Beefheart, and more!

Jules Shear (MTV Unplugged)

On this episode I insist Jules Shear (songwriter & co-creator of MTV Unplugged), was married to Susanna Hoffs (he wasn’t).  MUSIC on this episode:  Squeeze, Elvis, The Walker Brothers, Muddy Waters and more.

Rob Wynia (Floater)

On this episode, I talk “word painting” with Robert Wynia of dynamic rock band “Floater”, recently inductee to the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.  MUSIC on this episode:  Depeche Mode, Nick Drake, The Fixx, and more!